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"What's the One Thing Stopping You
From Launching Your Very Own Successful, Profitable, and Hands-Free Membership Site Right Now?"

Is it the software? Is it all the content you have to create? Or is it that you aren't sure if you can actually KEEP members inside your membership site... to collect automated money?

It could be all of those reasons. But there's a single plugin that solves all your membership problems and make it super-simple and super-easy to get that site off the ground... and making you a recurring income.

Here's the Reason You Probably Want A Membership Site In The First Place...
Drip Content & No Maintenance!

Before Drip

People join your membership site and they see ALL the content inside your membership site!

Without WP Drip, setting up incremental content is a tedious and time-consuming task...

Other "Drip" Solutions

Some drip solutions require you to specify the EXACT drip date for all posts in your membership site.

If you have 100 posts, that's 100 things to edit, and you can't easily rearrange your content.

Don't Be Fooled

Even if it's integrated with WordPress, you might still have to make many "extra changes" for every single piece of content, not good!

There's got to be a much easier way, right?

WP Drip!

Yes, there is! It's the WordPress Drip plugin.

The configuration page is very simple. You'll be setup in seconds.

WP Drip drips out your content based on how FAR APART you've already dated your posts.

Weeks or Days Apart

This means if your posts are dated one week apart, new members start at the beginning and see posts once a week.

Got daily posts? They'll get one a day... you get the idea.

Incremental Content

WP Drip hides content from your members until they're ready to see it... giving them a reason to come back and keep paying you every month!

It even adjusts the dates on your posts so they appear brand-new.

Exact Control

Exclude specific levels or categories from the drip sequence...

Drip some of your content, and let the rest go live immediately.

Autoresponder Followup Generator

This plugin even auto-generates copy and paste email reminders to get your users to come back and consume new content.

Join Today!

WordPress Drip has been tweaked and improved for over a year, runs on hundreds of sites, and comes with a 100% 30-day money back guarantee.

If you're ready to install WP Drip on your membership site today, get it right now.

When someone joins your membership site, they shouldn't have access to the 12 months, 6 months, or even 3 months of content.

You should drip the content out slowly, preferably a little something every few days, to keep them interested, just like an e-mail autoresponder.

Many people dismiss this as simply theory but I've accidentally killed off many of my own membership sites by providing archives. Your prospects join your membership site, download the last six months worth of content, and quit.

And then you're left scratching your head wondering why people quit your membership site after a month!

Guess Why?
It's Because You Just Gave Away the Farm...

This is why most people fail at membership sites. You give away too much too fast.

Instead of giving away the farm, you should use WordPress Drip. It starts your new users at the beginning and gives them more content the longer they're in your membership. No one else provides a plugin that makes it as fast and easy as we do!

Because it's all about speed, isn't it? If you can't get your membership running and ready to sell today, who knows if you'll ever finish?

Every day it's so easy to get distracted by the latest offer that you need to get setup today. It's that simple. All you have to do is this:

  • Setup a WordPress blog (can be done in 60 seconds using our 1-click install process)
  • Upload the membership plugin (takes another 60 seconds max)
  • Choose your payment processor and create your payment buttons (another 1-2 minutes)
  • Upload our "drip content" plugin (takes another 30 seconds)

Once those five or so minutes are up, you can focus on the fun stuff... like your content and your marketing!

Most people create membership sites like this. People pay for access to the site, so when they join, they see everything that's posted today, yesterday, last week, last month, last year...

So someone can join your site, download everything, then quit.

Sound Familiar?
Maybe You've Done This Yourself...
Or Someone's Done It To You!

Most membership software, including Wishlist Member, makes an attempt at solving this problem. But the problem is they force you to drip out the content in "modules"...

So if you have 100 days of content...

  • You have to create 100 membership levels
  • You have to apply those 100 levels to 100 different posts
  • You have to set level 1 to graduate users to level 2 after a day
  • You have to set level 2 to graduate users to level 3 after a day
  • And so on, 100 times!

That a heck of a lot of setup, and guess what... once it's all set, you can't rearrange posts. You're stuck, in more ways than one.

Instead: Install the
"WordPress Drip" Plugin
On Your Membership Site...

With WordPress Drip installed, when someone joins your membership site, they see the first post you have on your blog.

If your second post comes five days after that, then that subscriber needs to wait five days to get access to that next piece of content.

It turns your membership site into an autoresponder, but the "timed messages" are blog posts instead of e-mails, so subscribers have a reason to check back every week and keep paying every month.

You can choose to give away a big chunk of content when they first join... like a week or a month, and WordPress Drip will rewrite the date on each post so it appears as if it's a brand new blog entry.

"I'm Going To Turn Every One Of My Existing Products Into Some Type Of Membership"

I already knew the importance of keeping close contact with my clients, but I didn't realize all the ways I could do it until now. Not only all the different ways, but how powerful many of the ways you taught actually were. Just the auto-responder sequence in conjunction with the drip plugin will keep my clients very close to whats going on in the membership.

Ultimately, I'm going to turn everyone of my existing products into some type of membership. Some will be single payment and some will be recurring payment, but all will have the needed protection of my products, and the ability to grow or add bonuses etc...

Thank You Very Much!

Bob Molton
Peoria, Illinois, USA

"WordPress Drip" installs in about 5 seconds... just choose how much content you want to give away at the beginning and you're done. You can even rearrange your content later without even touching the plugin. It even adds a list on your sidebar of upcoming posts.

Here's How Your Membership Site
Probably Looks Right Now...

People Can Join and Download Everything,
PLUS They Can See Your Content is Old!

This is a problem for a number of reasons... and not all the reasons you think.

Believe it or not, most of your members DON'T hate you, they love you! It's actually very simple...

Reason #1 Why "They" Quit:
Drive-By Subscribers

You're going to have attrition (people dropping out of your membership sites) no matter what you do. You can't help that.

What you CAN improve is how many of those people stay in your membership site, and you can bring those numbers up by helping people get real results out of your training.

Here's what happens with many membership sites: people join, download everything, then they leave!

You wonder what the heck happened and why every month, more people are leaving than joining. Your membership site is slowly dying!

You have good content, you have enough content, but you aren't giving people a reason to stay.

Download: I Will Eliminate\nDrive-By Subscribers Right Now »

WordPress Drip gives people a reason to stay. When they join, they only get as much content as YOU decide -- whether that's a week or a month.

They gradually get access to more content the longer they stay in, and it's up to you how fast or slow that is.

Reason #2 Why "They" Quit:
Overloaded Students

Not everyone who joins your membership is out to get you, or out to collect and download everything you have to offer.

Many join with the best of intentions. They love you, they want access to your information and community.

Big Problem: They join and see there's 2 year of old content and 200 posts to dig through... hours of video... and more showing up every day!

There's no way any of your members will get caught up.

WordPress Drip starts your members at the beginning of your content and slowly drips it out to them.

The best part is, this plugin adjusts the date on the posts. You might have posted that content a week, a month, or years ago... but it looks as if you posted YESTERDAY!

Your content always remains fresh, just like an autoresponder.

Reason #3 Why "They" Quit:
No Reassurance

Have you ever been in a membership or community where the content was great at first, then the owner got busy or the quality just declined? Me too.

I know you're a better "host" than that. But this is the internet, and many people don't know you as well as I do.

They need to know this isn't all there is. Tell me there's more coming, and how soon.

But adding a message at the end of each membership site post saying, "Stay tuned for the next lesson in two days where we'll cover part 2" ... just won't work. It'll take too long, most people will skim past it, and suddenly it becomes a pain to rearrange content.

Make My Membership Site a Success: Just $97 »

WordPress Drip adds a section to your membership site's sidebar announcing the next FEW posts coming up in the sequence.

Suddenly it's ultra-clear how often the rest of the content will be coming, and how quickly.

Drip Content Really Can
"Make Or Break" Your Membership Site!

By now, you should understand the importance of drip content... and why you need to get it right now if you don't have it already. You'll wonder how you lasted so long without it!

Your competition is using drip, or will be using drip, very soon if they aren't already.

Drip not only increases your retention (so people stay in your site longer), it adds to your perceived value (so you can charge more and even convert more prospects into recurring buyers).

Basically, we are going to see many, MANY more drip based membership sites in the near future, not less.

That's because the drip plugin applies to you in almost ANY situation...

Drip Scenario #1:
"Refund Killer Strategy"

Do you have even one thing your customers can download? A PDF report, single video, or piece of software? Great, you have a membership site.

That's right. I have many membership sites where people: pay me money one time, get access to one single download area, and have a safe place where they can retrieve the item they purchased... forever.

But here's what happens after a while. I find I have just "one more thing" to talk about... a missing or leaked chapter.

I might notice my customers ask me the same question over and over and I can create a bonus video, bonus report or even just an extra blog post.

This is the refund killer strategy. Position just one more item for people to access 30 days or 60 days after they buy, right around the refund period.

"Charge Them Once and Drip Bonuses!"

Here is what I love about Membership Cube, the awesome training and WP Drip! It's great because not only is it on target but it's not just a boring overview of the software, but HOW to use it to make money.

I find it very helpful that you train us on actual sites and show what the settings do to the actual site.

WP Drip is the bomb (is that still cool to say?) It is worth the price of entrance!

After watching your training on single payment memberships, I thought what a great way to protect content even though I'm not charging every month. Plus I think it is a great way to build a customer relationship. Charge them once, but get them to log back in by telling them about a bonus that has been added (using WP Drip) and then hit them up with an affiliate product pitch or another of my products.

This is going to be a breeze given the training you have provided!

Mark McCoid

If someone's thinking about refunding, or even wondering if their purchase was worthwhile... deliver an extra bonus AUTOMATICALLY to reassure them.

This "bonus content" could easily be a:

  • leaked chapter
  • missing video
  • bonus report
  • upsell to something else
  • affiliate promotion
  • private label rights product
  • video version of the report
  • transcript of the video
  • reminder to take action
  • place to ask more questions
  • box to leave testimonials
  • anything else you can think of!

You can add just one single bonus, or many other bonuses down the road to ensure you deliver maximum incremental value... for one single, easy payment.

Drip Scenario #2:
"Mixed Content Model"

Since we're talking about dripped content, you might be thinking: what if I don't want every single person in my membership to get started at the beginning of my content?

You might have a special membership upsell where customers can buy all the backissues of your membership content.

Maybe you're going to give people gradual access to the "old stuff" but immediate access to the new videos and webinars as you come out with them.

WP Drip Makes This Instantly, And Easily,

"Just Enough Content"

Charl Coetzee WP-Drip by far is worth many times the cost of this course. Looking forward to the other plugins as well.

Because of your Membership Cube training, I realized I don't need all the content before I can start making sales. 🙂

Right now I'm installing a new version of wordpress on the /members directory and start selling memberships with "just enough content." I have almost 10 sites waiting.

Charl Coetzee
Borehamwood Herts, United Kingdom

First, with you can exclude a specific category from the drip sequence. If you provide live webinars in your membership site, add them to your blog under the "Webinar" category, then check one single box to tell the drip plugin to ignore that category. Backissues will drip out, new content appears normally.

Second, you have an option to exclude Wishlist membership levels from the drip. I host webinar classes all the time where people pay upfront, then I deliver live training and post the recordings. Later, new members can pay a monthly fee to gradually get the recorded content.

I create a "Live" membership level and a "Monthly" membership level. With one click I tell WordPress Drip to exclude anyone in the "Live" level from the drip. Live subscribers see everything (as if the drip was turned off), but members who pay on a monthly basis, get the content dripped out.

Third, this plugin allows you to adjust how much content people see upfront. Let's say you created several posts like this:

  • First post: [papertemplate-date="January 1"]
  • Second post: (1 week later)
  • Third post: (2 weeks later)
  • Fourth post: (3 weeks later)
  • Fifth post: (4 weeks later)

Out of the box, anyone who joins your membership site TODAY -- the of -- will get that same content delivered to them like this:

  • First post: (RIGHT NOW)
  • Second post: (1 week from now)
  • Third post: (2 weeks from now)
  • Fourth post: (3 weeks from now)
  • Fifth post: (4 weeks from now)

I used to worry about how to turn products and classes into dripped out membership sites. Since creating the WP Drip plugin, I now upload one single plugin, change one payment button, and now I have a recurring membership site. Hundreds of others have enjoyed the same benefits.

I Want the Mixed Content Model: Join Now »

Even if you have huge plans for your membership site, or even have a membership in place, there's still hope...

Drip Scenario #3:
"Traditional Continuity"

You can literally apply WP Drip onto any membership site that uses WordPress to manage its users.

WordPress Drip is smart, but easy to use at the same time. That means you can place a new post at the end of your membership site, and it will know to "drip" that post out when appropriate.

You could schedule a post to show up BEFORE your existing posts, or between existing posts. It's so easy to rearrange what content comes before the other content, how fast, and in what order.

You'll use WordPress Drip to run ANY and ALL membership sites you setup from now until forever.

The best part about WordPress Drip, is not only does it protect your own content, it encourages comments. It comes built-in with a "recent comments widget" which displays the comments from your other members (if you allow it)...

But the SECRET is, it only shows comments belonging to posts your DRIPPED MEMBERS now have access to!

"I'll Make A Higher Priced Membership Site And Drip The Content In As I Create It..."

The WordPress Drip plugin really helps with the sequence of showing the content and how I can control the consumption of it.

This class has shown me I should not be so vain to get it perfect, just get it out there and help someone, hopefully a lot of people but just one is OK too.

Now, instead of creating a 20-dollar ebook, I'll make a higher priced membership site and drip the content in as I create it and easy to use audio and video too.

Dale Anderson
Bellingham, Washington, USA

They can now participate in the conversation for "part" of your membership site, keeping it alive months or even years after you first created the content.

Install WordPress Drip Onto
Your WordPress Membership Site?
And You'll See This Screen...

Now When New People Join Your Membership Site, It Looks More Like an Autoresponder!

Content Drips Out Over Time and People See Your Membership Site Posts As If They're Brand New!

Installation is Quick and Easy, PLUS...

  1. It's used on hundreds of sites (including one $200,000 per year year membership and another $1 million per year business) -- you'll be part of this growing community very soon
  2. You can use it risk free for 30 days and refund if it isn't right for you
  3. Setup takes seconds and is literally point and click, no editing of files required. If you can watch a video you can install this easy plugin.
  4. The drip plugin saves you literally hundreds of hours of membership setup and maintenance time... use that free time to make more money, relax or spend time with your family
  5. We're always updating the plugin for our own sites -- you'll get access to all those important updates.
  6. You can use this on any of your WordPress membership sites... single payment with bonus drip, payment plan, or "forever" recurring content site, it's all the same!
  7. You'll get the most benefits out of this plugin when using it with Wishlist Member, but the basic drip functionality will work with ANY membership that "synchronizes" with WordPress, such as MemberWing.

No One Else Has This Technology!
But YOU Will In Just A Few Seconds...

Sign Up Right Now to Claim Access Your
WordPress Drip Plugin...
For Just $97!

NEW: Try It Risk Free for 30 Days!

YES! I want the exact plugin used by Robert Plank, Lance Tamashiro and hundreds of other membership site owners.


  • PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7, or newer (included with most web hosts)
  • WordPress 3.x, 4.x, 5.x or newer (FREE and easy to setup)

  • I will receive unlimited updates and there will be no further payments on my end.
  • I can refund at any time within 30 days of purchase with no questions asked whatsoever.

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